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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Are you afraid to try acupuncture? Some people say they would love to try it, but they are nervous about the needles. What they don’t know is how tiny acupuncture needles really are. Have you ever looked at a strand of your own hair? Acupuncture needles look that thin. Some people shudder and think of a blood draw when they hear the word “needle.” Oh no, no, no -- these kinds of needles are not the same at all! Did you know that you could fit about 20 acupuncture needles inside of a standard syringe? Hypodermic needles are hollow, but acupuncture needles are filiform (solid) and much, much smaller. Many patients do not feel the acupuncture needles go in; other times it feels like a tiny fingernail pressed against the skin.

Some folks also worry about safety. They are relieved to find out that acupuncture needles are always single-use. We dispose of them properly into sharps containers after one use.

When performed by a licensed acupuncture physician, acupuncture is safe and relatively painless. The health benefits far outweigh any initial feelings of discomfort you might have. Acupuncture is relaxing and invigorating. Pair it with Chinese herbal medicine, and you have an all-natural combo for health and wellness, pain relief, mental-emotional concerns, and so much more. Ready to give acupuncture a try? I’m happy to answer your questions.

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